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Aprll 21st 2024: Current Status – Issued by the Board of the Ice Skating Club New South Wales (ISCNSW)

The Western Sydney Infrastructure Grant (WSIG) Update (formerly West Invest):

Over the past several months, our Project Manager, Andrew Stanton, in conjunction with the Board representatives have been working closely to tender and award each of the key Consultant packages required to produce the documentation required for the approvals process.  The Board has also established a Project Control Group, made up of representatives of the Board and our Project Manager.  This group meets on a monthly basis to discuss general Project Health, Project Status, Objectives, Program, Risks and Opportunities.  Although we have constant communication with our Project Manager, this setting ensures we have positive governance around our Project, enables the project team to raise issues and continue to progress the project forward at a much more rapid rate.

As many may have noticed, Canterbury Aquatic Centre redevelopment has taken full effect next door with demolition works well underway.  The Board has been working very closely with Council Representatives and Public Works officials in “untangling” the two buildings structures, which, has been quite an involved and complex process.  We have worked closely to plan the demolition of the grandstand, which sits over the existing skate hire, while ensuring that this process does not cause the roof of the ice rink to suddenly fail. In planning this process and undertaking design development on the Ice Rink development, we have ensured that the works being undertaken by the Council have positively influenced our design intent.

All major Consultant packages have been awarded and, the Consultant team has been working hard to understand the existing building, its existing condition as well as understand what is required from a compliance perspective to deliver a project of this nature.  The initial Concept Plan which was previously approved by the Board has since been further developed by our Project Architect, Kennedy & Associates, and is progressing well through the design development stage. We are expecting a milestone presentation from our project Architect with developed floor plans, building elevations, details around each of the rooms and finalisation of compliance issues.  This milestone meeting will serve as an opportunity for the Architect and the Board to clarify the overall design objectives and ensure we are moving in the right direction. Pending finalisation of feedback from the board, we anticipate that we will be ready to submit a DA in the two to three months.

The WSIG Program is also maintaining brief web pages for each of the funded projects, and you can find ours HERE.  This will be updated periodically, and as we finalise design and move to DA we look forward to adding some visuals.



Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink  (rink information is available here)

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