Congratulations to Team Unity on their recent skate at the 2022 World Synchronized Skating Championships in Hamilton, Canada. After a long two years of cancellations and lockdowns, rink closures etc., getting to step on the ice at Worlds was described as ‘surreal’ and the team were excited to show their skills. Unfortunately the short didn’t go entirely to plan with an error placing them lower than anticipated. However, they proved to themselves that the comeback is always greater than the setback, and really showed off their free program, finishing 17th and moving them up the ranks to a final placing of 18th overall. Support from the Canadian crowd for Australia was amazing and, at the conclusion of their free program, the rink erupted with cheers, claps, whoops and general praise for a job extremely well done!

The Team captured and shared some of the highlights of their trip, culminating in a fantastic FreeSkate program – watch via YouTube

Team Unity – All smiles on the Kiss and Cry podium after a terrific free skate program.

2022-04-21: Join us in congratulating Australian representative pairs team, Anastasia Golubeva and Hektor Giotopoulos Moore on their silver medal win in their debut at the Championships in Tallinn, Estonia in mid-April. Anstasia and Hektor are the second Australian team to stand on a World Junior podium in five years. Select to read the full International Figure Skating Magazine review.

2022-01-24: Join us in congratulating all SFSC Members on their performances at the ISA Online Competition in December 2021. You can find the results on the ISA Website.

2021 NSW Figure Skating Championships: A terrific event held at Erina on December 12th 2021 with some superb performances by SFSC Members – select to view results on the NSWISA website Catch a re-run of videoed performances via the NSWISA YouTube page You can also view the Aussie Skate results held in conjunction with this event.