Tests are run throughout the year for all skaters from Preliminary Level and up.

They can be held at any of the NSWISA affiliated rinks and bookings must be made with the New South Wales Ice Skating Association (NSWISA).

To see the up-coming Test dates go to the NSWISA Events Calendar 2022.

Bookings are currently open for tests in 2022. If you would like to book for your test use this link. The following tests are open for registration for 2022, but will only go ahead if minimum numbers are met

  • Thu 13 Jan Macquarie Ice Rink 16:30-19:00: CANCELLED
  • Thu 27 Jan Macquarie Ice Rink 16:30-19:00
  • Sat 05 Feb Liverpool Catholic Club Ice Rink 6:45-8:00
  • Sun 27 Feb Penrith Ice Palace Time TBA After Artistic 14:30-19:00
  • Sun 06 Mar Ice Zoo Skating Rink Time TBA After Artistic 16:30-19:30
  • Sun 13 Mar Hunter Ice Skating Stadium Time TBA After Aussie Skate
  • Fri 18 Mar Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14:45-16:30
  • Sun 20 Mar Macquarie Ice Rink Time TBA After Artistic IF TIME ALLOWS
  • Thu 14 Apr Macquarie Ice Rink 16:30-19:00
  • Fri 06 May Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14:45-16:30
  • Sun 26 Jun Erina Ice Arena 18:00-23:00
  • Fri 01 Jul Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14:45-16:30
  • Thu 07 Jul Macquarie Ice Rink 16:30-19:00
  • Sun 24 Jul Hunter Ice Skating Stadium
  • Fri 09 Sep Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14:45-16:30

If you have had a test cancelled due to COVID lockdown or other reasons please contact Lynne Kentish at NSWISA on before you rebook.

It is important to note there are associated costs for tests:

  • A charge for the Test (one fee per test)
  • A charge from the rink to cover the ice time.

For in-depth information on ISA Testing – visit the ISA website.   Read also, the By-Laws associated with ISA testing.


Lynne Kentish at NSWISA:  

Test Officer at SFSC: