Tests are run throughout the year for all skaters from Preliminary Level and up.

They can be held at any of the NSWISA affiliated rinks and bookings must be made with the New South Wales Ice Skating Association (NSWISA).

To see the up-coming Test dates go to the NSWISA Events Calendar 2022.

Bookings are currently open for tests in 2022. If you would like to book for your test use this link. The following tests are open for registration for 2022, but will only go ahead if minimum numbers are met

Test Bookings 2022

Use the links below to log on to the Registration Platform and register for a test.

Please remember you need to have registered for 2022 Junior (<16yrs) or Senior (16+yrs) Membership before booking a test

Current Tests Available 2022

Thu 27 Jan Macquarie Ice Rink 16:30-19:00 CANCELLED

Sat 05 Feb Liverpool Catholic Club Ice Rink 6:45-8:00

Sun 27 Feb Penrith Ice Palace TBA After Artistic 14:30-19:00

Sun 06 Mar Ice Zoo Skating Rink TBA After Artistic 16:30-19:30

Sun 13 Mar Hunter Ice Skating Stadium TBA After Aussie Skate

Fri 18 Mar Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14:45-16:30

Sun 19 Mar Macquarie Ice Rink TBA After Artistic IF TIME ALLOWS

Thu 14 Apr Macquarie Ice Rink 16:30-19:00

Fri 06 May Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14:45-16:30

Sun 26 Jun Erina Ice Arena 18:00-23:00

Fri 01 Jul Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14:45-16:30

Thu 07 Jul Macquarie Ice Rink 16:30-19:00

Sun 24 Jul Hunter Ice Skating Stadium tba

Fri 09 Sep Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14:45-16:30

Tue 08 Nov  tba

Test Booking Links

Singles Skills Patterns

Preliminary Skills Patterns                  

Elementary Skills Patterns                  

Basis Novice Skills Patterns             

Advanced Novice Skills Patterns        

Junior Skills Patterns                          

Senior Skills Patterns                         

Singles Technical

Preliminary Technical

Elementary Technical

Basic Novice Technical

Advanced Novice Technical

Junior Technical

Senior Technical


Preliminary Pattern                             

Elementary Pattern                             

Basic Novice Pattern                          

Intermediate Novice Pattern             

Advanced Novice Pattern                  

Junior Pattern Dance

Senior Bronze Pattern

Senior Silver Pattern

Senior Gold Pattern

Competitive Dance

Basic Novice

Intermediate Novice

Advanced Novice




Basic Novice

Advanced Novice



As a guide, test sessions will commence with Pattern tests (low to high) Exceptions, if deemed necessary, would be Dance Tests or Senior tests.  Those requiring music for their test – please take 2 copies with you 

NB: Please be mindful that some rinks charge an entry fee for test sessions – currently, Canterbury, Macquarie, Penrith and Liverpool charge an entry fee.

Skating Lists are Subject to change and also subject to ‘tweaking’ of skating order on the day.


After test has been confirmed by NSWISA Skaters will also need to book into the session with COIR directly, using the SFSC website: 

Skaters need to bring their own towel to sit on, no sharing drink bottles, use hand sanitizer upon entry and sit on the side of the rink as directed by the staff as they alternate sides between sessions.


– All skaters testing will be required to wear a yellow fluro vest during their test, regardless of the type of test (patterns & technical) the vest can be brought with the skater or purchased from the rink pro shop for a small fee (currently $8) – this is a mandatory requirement of the rink but also makes it easy for the officials to see the skater they are marking.

– Vests are NOT allowed to be shared due to the rinks COVID rules.

 MUSIC: All music files will need to be submitted via email to PVFSC test officer to be added to a playlist on the clubs device for the test day. (

– All music files submitted will then be deleted after the test session.


Please make sure you check with your nominated rink and, where required, pre-book for the session with them.


See ISA Communication No.110 – Changes to ISA Dance Test Changes 2019 which will become effective 1st January 2020.

Test Forms etc.

For By-Laws relating to tests.

For more information regarding preparation for your test, NSWISA has published NSWISA Test Guidelines to assist you for your test session. 

Before making your booking, please read the NSWISA POLICY relating to Test bookings 

Due to ice time and judges availability, your booking is not final until it appears in the “Test Bookings Confirmed” list above. Enquiries to tests@nswisa.comPlease advise immediately if any detail is incorrect

Please be mindful that some rinks charge an entry fee for test sessions – currently, both Liverpool and Macquarie charge an entry fee.

Lynne Kentish at NSWISA:  

Test Officer at SFSC: