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Current SFSC memberships as at 11 September 2018 is available Here

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2018 Membership Application / Renewal Form

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I / We agree to abide by the Rules & Regulations of the SFSC, NSWISA, ISA and NSW Child Protection and Intervention Policy;
I / We agree to abide by the Member Protection Policy of NSWISA Inc.(Refer NSWISA website);
I / We agree to abide by the SFSC Code of Conduct and the COIR Code of Conduct;
I / We agree that all memberships are subject to approval, as stated in the SFSC Constitution;
I/We agree that upon applying for this membership, I/we agree to undertake at least 6 (six hours) of volunteering (per member) at SFSC competitions and/or provide other assistance to the club throughout the current membership year; and
I / We agree for skating related photos and/or footage of me/us for promotional activities

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