SFSC skaters rise to the challenge at 2019 NSW State Championships

Congratulations to all our skaters who left everything out on the ice at the 2019 NSW Figure Skating Championships. It was a special experience to compete at our home rink in front of so many people.

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave up their long weekend to help ensure the event ran as smoothly as possible for all of our skaters.

A special congratulations to the following skaters/teams for earning themselves the title of 2019 NSW State Champions:

  • Romy Grogan – Senior Ladies
  • Vlada Vasiliev – Junior Ladies
  • Matthew Chan – Elementary Men
  • Shinnosuke Miyamoto – Preliminary Men
  • Majestic Ice Junior – Junior Synchro
  • Majestic Ice Advanced Novice – Adv. Novice Synchro
  • Majestic Ice Mixed Age – Mixed Age Synchro
  • Majestic Ice Sapphires – Basic Novice Synchro

A further congratulations to all of our skaters who represented SFSC at States:

Preliminary Ladies

Sienna-Lyne Samaseia – 4th Place


Preliminary Men

** Shinnosuke Miyamoto – STATE CHAMPION **

Rui Takada – 3rd Place


Elementary Ladies

Regina NG – 3rd Place

Krystal Chan – 14th  Place

Tara Winton – 15th Place

Emily Lilley-Bull – 16TH Place


Elementary Men

** Matthew Chan – STATE CHAMPION **


Intermediate Novice Ladies

Daniella Vassallo – 4th Place (2nd in NSW)


Advanced Novice Ladies

Trisha Tong – 3rd Place

Tamara Abagi – 6th Place

Rina Jiang – 10th Place

Melody Luo – 11th Place


Junior Ladies

** Vlada Vasiliev – STATE CHAMPION **

Mary-Anne Chen – 5th Place (4th in NSW)

Sarah Batey – 8th Place (6th in NSW)


Senior Ladies

** Romy Grogan – STATE CHAMPION **

Sarah Cullen – 2nd Place


Adult Bronze Ladies

Angela Zha – 9th Place (8th in NSW)


Adult Silver Ladies
Kristy Dong – 2nd Place

Talitha Licauco – 4th Place

Aylin Dulagil – 5th Place

Ilonna Babakhanova – 6th Place


Basic Novice Synchronised Skating

** Majestic Ice Sapphires – STATE CHAMPIONS **

Majestic Ice Rubies – 2nd Place


Advanced Novice Synchronised Skating

** Majestic Ice – STATE CHAMPIONS **


Junior Synchronised Skating

** Majestic Ice – STATE CHAMPIONS **


Mixed Age Synchronised Skating

** Majestic Ice – STATE CHAMPIONS **

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