SFSC Club Championships & Trophy Night Information

Dear Competition attendees,

Set out below are the basic details regarding how the SFSC Championships and Trophy Night (“the competition”) will be run this weekend.


There are two attachments:

  1. COIR Ground Floor Map” : This first map sets out the basic competition areas – entry, exit, presentation area, designated seating, place where skaters wait before competing.
  2. Mezzanine level warm up area– entry and exit points and traffic flow” – shows two maps.  One shows the overall areas of the mezzanine level and entry and exit points. The other shows the traffic flow routes.



This competition will be a non-spectator event.

Skaters will be permitted to bring one adult chaperone only to the competition. Any exceptions (e.g. single parent families) must be approved by the convenor, David Ledda, in writing. David Ledda can be contacted via convenor@sydneyfigureskatingclub.com. This requirement is to ensure that numbers at the rink remain Covid compliant in accordance with SFSC’s COVID-19 Safety Plan.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

For those unable to attend the rink, the competition will be live-streamed on SFSC’s YouTube Channel, via the following links: 

  1. Saturday 8 August 2020: https://youtu.be/RpFNoP10wmw
  2. Sunday 9 August 2020: https://youtu.be/YN3mCF_gluI



The temperatures of all skaters, chaperones, judges/officials and volunteers (“competition attendees”) will be taken immediately outside the rink, prior to registration.  If the reading is 37.8 degrees Celsius and above, the individual (and anyone accompanying the individual) will be asked to leave the rink grounds, go home, self-isolate and seek advice from the Coronarvirus Hotline (ph: 1800 020 080).

All competition attendees will be required to “sign-in” at the registration desk for contact tracing purposes.  An entry fee will not be charged. Sign in will occur by way of a QR Code for all non-skating competition attendees. The QR codes will be posted at the entrance to the rink. Skaters will be marked off on a separate database.

Competition attendees will NOT be permitted to enter the rink (let alone compete) if, within 14 days immediately prior to the competition, ANY of the following symptoms/events are applicable:

  1. Diagnosed with COVID-19 or in close contact with a person diagnosed with COVID-19.
  2. Tested for COVID-19 and currently awaiting the results.
  3. Travelled overseas or to Victoria.
  4. Attended any of the reported NSW case locations listed on the NSW Health website (https://www.nsw.gov.au/covid-19/latest-news-and-updates).
  5. Attended any of the reported QLD case locations listed on the QLD Health website (https://www.health.qld.gov.au)
  6. Displaying COVID-19 symptoms including:
  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sore throat
  • Fatigue
  • Shortness of breath

Skaters and accompanying chaperones may enter the rink no earlier than 1 hour prior to the skater’s scheduled event. Please view NSWISA’s website for the most up-to-date competition schedule, and SFSC’s YouTube live streaming Channel for the most up to date information regarding competition progression (links provided above).

Once registered, all competition attendees will be offered a face mask and gloves. Whilst wearing a face mask is not compulsory, all competition attendees are encouraged to wear a mask when not on the ice.

All competition attendees must use the automatic hand sanitiser dispenser in the foyer, prior to moving to the main rink area.

All skaters are required to come to the rink with:

  1. Attire, hair and make-up done.
  2. A towel/blanket to sit on whilst using benches/chairs to put on and take off skates.
  3. Their own labelled water bottle and snacks, which aren’t then shared.


PRE-EVENT PROCEDURES: Upon entering the main rink area on the ground floor

The Mezzanine off-ice area upstairs will be available for skaters to warm up prior to competing (+/- their coach). Gym equipment is not to be used. Volunteers will be stationed upstairs to monitor social distancing and attend to any urgent needs.  Skaters and coaches are to enter, travel through and exit the mezzanine warm-up area, as per attachment 2 please. It is suggested that skaters leave their skate bags with their chaperone and only bring essentials such as a water bottle.

Whilst skaters are warming up chaperones will be guided to the RHS of the rink towards the sign-posted and colour-coded designated seating areas that match their skater’s competition division (e.g. Aussie Skate, Freeskate 1-4, Adult, Preliminary etc.). Please see attachment 1 for the location of the seating zones (A, B, C). Once at the rink skaters and chaperones will be told which zone they will sit in. Within each seating area places to sit will be marked by a cross (1.5m apart).

All chaperones are kindly requested to remain seated in the colour-coded designated seating areas during the event, where possible.  This request includes staying seated while skaters warm-up off-ice in the mezzanine area.

After warming up skaters can return to the designated area where their chaperone is sitting in order to put skates on. At the appropriate time, their coach can advise them when to move to the skate hire section to wait until they are due to compete.  Please see attachment 1 for the location of the skate hire section.



After the skater has competed, they can return to their chaperone in order to take off their skates. Skaters and chaperones are to remain seated until a volunteer indicates which skating divisions can proceed to the presentation area or leave. Once skaters and chaperones leave a zone, that zone will be disinfected prior to the next “sitting”.

Presentations will occur every couple of skating divisions (e.g. Freeskate 1/2, then Freeskate 3/4 etc.) continuously throughout each day. One chaperone/ placing skater may attend the designated presentation area.

Please note that it is highly possible that skaters and chaperones might be requested to vacate their seating zone prior to their skating division’s presentation time, due to the extra time needed to collate and check scores.  In that case, skaters and chaperones will be guided to wait upstairs on the balcony area of the mezzanine (attachment 2).  Please note that some skaters will still need to use this  balcony area to exit the off -ice area and social distancing measures will need to be observed.

Competition attendees can check point scores via the NSWISA live feed as well as volunteers advising the different zones (and hence skating divisions) which skaters have placed.

All skaters that have not been awarded a place (1st, 2nd, 3rd) and their chaperones, are kindly requested to collect their personal belongings and exit their designated seating area and the rink in a timely manner after skating. Please do not loiter and chat to other competition attendees. This will assist on-going cleaning measures being undertaken throughout the competition each day.

Upon exiting all individuals must “sign out” from the rink using the QR Codes that will be posted at the exit point.



In order to ensure that the competition runs as smoothly and safely as possible, we kindly request that everyone attending the competition strictly observe all safety precautions and procedures.


Rink staff and volunteers will monitor competition attendees throughout the day.  If they reasonably believe that any individual is not adhering to the COVID-19 safety measures that have been put in place, or that an individual is showing symptoms of COVID-19 illness, or could have or has been exposed to COVID-19, that individual (and whoever is accompanying the individual) will be asked to leave.

At all times competition attendees are kindly requested to observe:

      1. Physical distancing measures (e.g. keep a distance of 1.5m from others (unless from the same household), avoid highly trafficked areas, do not hug or shake hands when greeting others, no loitering).
      2. Hygiene measures (e.g. regularly washing hands for at least 20 seconds and drying hands correctly and/or sanitising when coming off the ice or moving around or exiting the rink, not touching the face, coughing into an elbow or tissue and disposing of the tissue hygienically).

We also recommend that all competition attendees download the government’s COVIDSafe App.  Further details regarding the COVIDSafe App can be obtained via the following link: https://www.health.gov.au/resources/publications/covidsafe-app-we-need-your-help.

Please note that the rink canteen will be available for take away service ONLY and will also operate in a cashless manner (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and debit cards).

SFSC wishes all competitors the very best of luck.

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