SFSC climbs to second place in inter-club Aussie Skate ladder

After a spectacular Aussie Skate competition at Canterbury on 30th June, SFSC narrowly trails LCCISC in the overall Aussie Skate competition ladder, which awards points to each club based on the places of their skaters across all the Aussie Skate divisions.

Congratulations to all 32 skaters that represented SFSC at this competition! The results are as follows:

Novice 1
3rd Place Zoe Martinelli

Novice 2
1st Place Lux Betancourt-Thornton

Novice Adult
1st Place Hannah Wood

Intermediate 1
2nd Place Milena Milovanovic

Intermediate 2
1st Place Phoebe Morrison
3rd Place Maximus Betancourt-Thornton
4th Place Abbey Challinor
7the Place Mikaela Ledda
8th Place Madelyn Phu
9th Place Pablo Robertson

Intermediate Adult
1st Place Laura Liu

Freeskate 1 – 12 & Over
1st Place Rita Nip
6th Place Freya Snowdon

Freeskate 2 – 10 & Under
1st Place Mayah Yeung
2nd Place Emily Zhou
4th Place Annabel Heng

Freeskate 2 – 11 and Over
6th Place Lachlan Ledda

Freeskate 3 – 11 & Under
1st Place Kathleen Ye

Freeskate 3 – 12 & Over
3rd Place Talia Ku
5th Place Shannae Ku

Freeskate 4
2nd Place Kylie Barbouttis
6th Place Elizabeth Day
7th Place Annabel Nube

Synchro 2
1st Place Majestic Ice

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