We would like to congratulate all the SFSC members who passed their tests on 22nd March 2015 and wish them all the best for the skating year ahead.

Bianca Setionago                Preliminary

Mikayla Nelson                   Pre-Primary Patterns and Technical

Maya Grosser                      Preliminary

Lara Grosser                        Preliminary

Sophia Koulis                      Preliminary

Agapi Miyakis                     Preliminary

Vanessa Bechara                Primary Patterns and Technical

Chelpin Chen                      Elementary

Caitlyn Argy                        Preliminary

Sasha Talman                     Preliminary

Maija Pearce                        Preliminary

Serena Si                              Elementary Patterns and Technical

Luca Pearce                         Pre-Primary Patterns

Stephanie Matthews          Preliminary

Tamara Abagi                     Preliminary

Greta Lewis                         Preliminary

Hamish Lewis                    Elementary Patterns

Lauren Johnston               Preliminary

Viveka Liber                       Preliminary


Primary Ladies 
   Jordyn Caldwell   8th

Intermediate Ladies 
    Kasia Bolesta

Novice Ladies
   Holly Haris   Gold
   Jordan Lazarus   5th 
   Shania Sime   6th
   Romy Grogan   13th 

Novice Men
   Hector Giotopoulos   Silver 

Junior Men
   Harley Dahlstrom   5th

 Senior Ladies
   Jaimee Nobbs   Bronze

 Senior Men
   Cameron Hemmert    Silver
   Mark Webster 4th

 Primary Dance
   Maddison Lawrence & Cameron Gaskell    Silver

 Junior Dance
   Matilda Friend & William Badaoui   Gold

Adult Silver Ladies
   Tiffany Rutter   4th 
   Aylin Dulagil    12th 

 Synchronised Skating
    Senior: Fire on Ice   Silver
   Junior: Majestic Ice Australia   Silver 
   Novice Basic:    Majestic Ice Australia   Silver
   Novice Basic:    Fire on Ice   6th 
   Open:  Majestic Ice Australia    Gold
   Adult: Fire on Ice 5th 

Congratulations to all SFSC skaters who competed in Hollins. As a club we are very proud of you all

Prelim Ladies and Men
Jessica Aird
Jenny Yu
Cindy Yin
Koray Demir
Blair Zong

Elementary Ladies and Men
Mikayla Nelson
Rina Jiang
Alex Sun

Pre Primary Ladies
Tatjana Herron
Emily Rotondo
Bridie Roh
Lauren Nelson
Vanessa Bechara
Emma Evans

Intermediate Ladies
Kasia Bolesta

Novice Ladies and Men
Holly Harris
Shania Sime
Romy Grogan
Hector Giotopoulos – Moore

Senior Ladies and Men
Jaimee Nobbs
Cameron Hemmert

Junior Dance
Matilda Friend and William Badaoui

After and exhausting few days the 46th Hollins Trophy drew to close. It was truly a memorable event with skaters from all states performing at their best. None of this could have happened if it wasn’t for the long list of volunteers that kept things running smoothly. The committee would like to thank you all sincerely for your help, dedication and hard work we couldn’t have done it without you:

Jordana Weis
David and Carolyn Pye 
Xan and Marcus Giatopoulous Moore
Trish, Scott, Nina and Katie Koslow  
 Christina Grogan
Jeanne Cook and Emma Evans  
Judy Skatssoon and Steve Friend
William Badaoui’s mum
Konome  O’toole
Julie, Eddy and Kasia Bolesta
Yeonhee Baek
Mark Newman
Michael Rotondo
Danielle Bartels
Virginia Lynch
Cheryl and Colm McCarthy
Lynda Paull
Maria and Amy Mara
Rina and Kiana Hoatua
Avril Badder and Lara Morris
Gayle and Cameron Hemmert
Maddie Lawrence
Hayley and Emily Rotondo
Lauren Nelson
Jenny Yu
Debbie and Rhiarna Lagoutaris
Steve and Jessica Aird
Noreen Herron
Danielle O’Brien and Greg Merriman
Sarah Webster
Carie Yin
Jane Sun
Eva Lees
Amber Hawkins
Richard Sime
Shania Sime

Congratulations to Holly Harris representative of SFSC. Holly was selected as a finalist for the Junior Magpie Award. For all her hardwork and dedication, she was awarded the Director’s Encouragement Award. For Holly’s major achievement, SFSC was awarded $2200. Well done Holly!

We would like to thank West Ashfield Leagues for their support and generosity.

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