The camp is limited to 45 Athletes and 20 Coaches. Please read the attached documents for further details.
Acceptance will be based on first registration forms received. You will be advised via email when your registration form is received and a list will be included on the NSWISA website homepage under UPCOMING NSWISA EVENTS

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Congratulations to those skaters who passed their tests at Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink on Sunday 20th March 2016.  Well done!!


Kohdi Blanch – Preliminary Pattern

Daniella Vassallo – Preliminary Pattern

Emily Paull – Elementary Pattern

Louella Chisholm – Elementary Pattern

Nicola Kyriakoulis – Elementary Pattern

Stephanie Matthews – Elementary Pattern

Catriona Aird – Elementary Pattern

Jessica Magee – Elementary Pattern

Abby Druery – Pre-Primary Pattern

Chiara Donagemma – Pre-Primary Pattern

Alex Y Sun – Junior Pattern and Novice Technical

Jordan Lazarus – Junior Pattern and Junior Technical

Holly Adolfsson – Novice Pattern and Novice Technical

Amber Hawkins – Primary Pattern

Melanie Sheen – Primary Pattern

Bianca Setionago – Primary Pattern

Emily Rotondo – Novice Technical


The Australian Figure Skating Championships were held at the Penrith Ice Palace from the 28th of November to the 4th of December, 2015. Congratulations to everyone who competed in Nationals this year, and the Sydney Figure Skating Club skaters and their placings were:

  1. Mixed Age Synchronized
    • Majestic Ice Mixed Age Synchronized Team     1st place
  2. Basics Novice Synchronized
    • Fire on Ice Basic Novice Synchronized Team     4th
    • Majestic Ice Basic Novice Synchronized Team     5th
  3. Junior Synchronized
    • Majestic Ice Junior Synchronized Team     2nd
  4. Advanced Novice Synchronized
    • Majestic Ice Advanced Novice Synchronized     2nd
  5. Adult Synchronized
    • Fire on Ice Advanced Synchronized Team     4th
  6. Senior Synchronized
    • Fire on Ice Senior Synchronized Team     2nd
  7. Adult Silver Ladies
    • Heidi Fernside     6th
    • Tiffany Rutter     11th
    • Aylin Dulagil     16th
  8. Adult Silver Men
    • Richard Lynch     1st
  9. Primary Ladies
    • Emily Rotondo     3rd
    • Bridie Roh     19th
  10. Primary Men
    • Alex Sun     1st
  11. Intermediate Ladies
    • Jasmine Pye     2nd
    • Holly Adolfsson     3rd
  12. Novice Ladies
    • Holly Harris     1st
    • Jordan Lazarus     3rd
    • Shania Sime     11th
  13. Novice Men
    • Hektor Giotopoulos-Moore     2nd
  14. Junior Ladies
    • Romy Grogan     7th
    • Keirah Berry     8th
  15. Senior Ladies
    • Sarah Cullen     8th
  16. Senior Men
    • Cameron Hemmert     4th

Congratulations to Holly Harris and Cameron Hemmert who recently competed at the Asian Open Figure Skating Trophy in Bangkok Thailand.

The Sydney Figure Skating Club (SFSC) organised a camp with Scott Davis at Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink from Monday the 2nd of February to Friday the 6th of February this year.

Scott was a US representative at the 1994 Winter Olympics, a gold medallist at the 1993 and 1994 US National Championships and Olympic coach, and specialises in high performance coaching of competitive skaters.

Skaters were divided into 4 groups, dependent upon their skating level. In general, each skater had the opportunity to participate in 5 group lessons, which tended to concentrate on stroking and jumps, one group lesson which concentrated on spins and one power and one off-ice session. Each of these group sessions were one hour in length. There was also the opportunity to attend a one hour technical talk for skaters, parents and coaches, as well as the ability to have 20 minute private lessons with Scott.

Overall, 66 skaters attended the camp and, whilst the majority were SFSC members, a small number of skaters participated from Liverpool, Macquarie and Penrith clubs.

Skaters Astrid and Jasmine said “We really enjoyed the camp with Scott, as he was very positive and encouraging, and showed us new exercises which helped us with our jumps. It would be great to see Scott again at the rink.”