A big congratulations to Romy Grogan for securing her second win in Senior Ladies and Mikayla Nelson for her 2nd place finish at Swan Trophy last weekend.

Both of these skaters travelled all the way to Perth to represent SFSC in Western Australia Figure Skating Club’s annual event and should be very proud of their achievements.

If any skaters are representing SFSC in local or interstate events, please send in their results and a photo to sfsc@sydneyfigureskatingclub.com so we can share their accomplishments with the rest of the club.

Sydney Figure Skating Club’s Hollins Trophy has drawn to a close for another year.

It was an outstanding success for both the club and our skaters, who all competed very fiercely over the weekend.

However, none of this would have been possible without the help of our volunteers and officials. Thank you for giving up your long weekend to help keep the competition running smoothly, we definitely couldn’t have done it without you. We are especially grateful to the competition coordinator David Ledda for all of the hours he put into organising and running this event.

A massive congratulations to Romy Grogan, who took home the gold in her Senior Ladies debut; Vlada Vasiliev for topping the podium in Advanced Novice Ladies; Matthew Chan for placing 1st in Elementary Men, and Rui Takada and Shinnosuke Miyamoto for their respective silver and bronze medals in Preliminary Men! An outstanding achievement.

A further congratulations to Regina Ng, Trisha Tong, Daniella Vassallo, Tamara Abagi and Sarah Batey for placing in the Top 10 among very tough competition, and to all of our other skaters who competed at Hollins Trophy.

Below are the results of all our SFSC skaters:

7th Place          Regina Ng – Preliminary

16th Place       Emily Lilley-Bull – Preliminary

18th Place       Sienna-Layne Samaseia – Preliminary

27th Place       Tanika Young – Preliminary

28th Place       Tia Fu – Preliminary

29th Place       Bella Bo – Preliminary

2nd Place         Rui Takada – Preliminary

3rd  Place        Shinnosuke Miyamoto – Preliminary

25th Place       Krystal Chan – Elementary

1st Place          Matthew Chan – Elementary

5th Place          Trisha Tong – Basic Novice A

4th Place          Daniella Vassallo – Intermediate Novice

1st Place          Vlada Vasiliev – Advanced Novice

9th Place          Tamara Abagi – Advanced Novice

11th Place       Melody Luo – Advanced Novice

13th Place       Rina Jiang – Advanced Novice

7th Place          Sarah Batey – Junior

18th Place       Serena Si – Junior

1st Place          Romy Grogan – Senior

Thank you for being a part of such a wonderful event and we hope to see you again next year!

Hollins Trophy is less than one week away!

Click HERE for the published Skating Order.

There has also been some minor changes to the Event Schedule.

Click HERE for version 3 of the Hollins Trophy Event Schedule.

For any competition enquiries, contact convenor@sydneyfigureskatingclub.com

Sydney Figure Skating Club’s annual Hollins Trophy is coming up in 2 weeks! The competition takes place Fri 7th – Mon 10th June at Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink.

Here is the Hollins Trophy Event Schedule. All other information can be found in the Competitions page under the Events menu.

The cost is $5 per person, per day.
We encourage you to bring along your family and friends to help support our local and visiting skaters.

Congratulations to the following SFSC Skaters for their success during February March and April 2019

ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships 2019 – Anaheim CA, USA  5 February 2019  24th Place Mark Webster

Ice Zoo Artistic – Ice Zoo 24 February 2019
2 nd Place Abbey Challinor – Aussie Skate Level 1

MIRA – Macquarie Ice Rink 9 March 2019
1 st Place Abbey Challinor – Aussie Skate Level 1
2 nd Place Talitha Licauco – Adult Silver and Gold

PIP Artistic – Penrith Ice Palace 16 March 2019
4th Place Abbey Challinor – Aussie Skate Level 1
2 nd Place Maya Milanovic – Elementary Ladies

Aussie Skate – Erina Ice Arena 31 March 2019
1 st Place Mayah Yeung – Intermediate 1
2 nd Place Abbey Challinor – Intermediate 1
1 st Place Emily Zhuo – Freeskate 1 9 & Under
2 nd Place Annabel Nube – Freeskate 3
4 th Place Sienna-Layne Samaseia – Freeskate 4
7 th Place Elizabeth Day – Freeskate 4
Jack Lee Artistic – Erina Ice Arena 31 March 2019
2 nd Place Abbey Challinor – Aussie Skate Level 1

NSW Artistic (inc Rubina Doolan) – Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 7 April 2019
4th Place Madelyn Phu – Aussie Skate Level 1
6th Place Cherise Ng – Aussie Skate Level 1
2 nd Place Maya Milanovic – Elementary Ladies
2 nd Place Talitha Licauco – Adult Silver
3 rd Place Aylin Dulagil – Adult Silver
5 th Place Erwin Millendez – Adult Silver

World Synchronised Skating Championships 2019 – Helsinki, Finland 14 April 2019
15 th Place Team Unity

SFSC Trophy Night – Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink 14 April 2019
8 th Place Regina Ng – Preliminary Ladies
15 th Place Tia Fu – Preliminary Ladies
1 st Place Tui Takada – Preliminary Men
2 nd Place Shinnosuke Miyamoto – Preliminary Men
5 th Place Lilja Lehtonen – Elementary Ladies
7 th Place Tara Winton – Elementary Ladies
8 th Place Krystal Chan – Elementary Ladies
2 nd Place Matthew Chan – Elementary Men
2 nd Place Trisha Tong – Basic Novice Ladies
1 st Place Vlada Vasiliev – Advanced Novice Ladies
4 th Place Tamara Abagi – Advanced Novice Ladies
Congratulations also to Elizabeth Day, Kathleen Ye and Sienna-Layne Samaseia who competed in the Trophy Night Aussie Skate competition!!