With the school holidays approaching, there are some changes to figure skating sessions at the start of October.

 Please note the following changes:

 Monday 1st October (Labour Day Public Holiday)

No early morning figure session (5.30am-8.00am)

Morning Figure Practice Session: 7.30am-9.30am

No afternoon figure practice (2.45-4.15pm)

No skate school

 Tuesday 2nd October – Friday 5th October

Morning figure practice finishes at 9.30am instead of 10.00am (due to School Holiday Lessons)

 Monday 8th October – Friday 12th October

Morning figure practice finishes at 9.30am instead of 10.00am (due to School Holiday Lessons)

Monday Afternoon Figure Session
The rink has undertaken a review of our higher level Figure Practice sessions (2.45pm – 3.45pm on Tuesday and Friday afternoons). The current compliance for any skater to train in these sessions requires you to have completed your Advanced Novice technical and pattern tests.

Proposed arrangements for this session would require you to have completed both technical and pattern tests of the Novice Basic * test level (*old Primary test level). This represents a lower test level compliance to the existing policy.

This proposed change will be on a trial basis for 4 months commencing 3rd September 2018 up to 31 December 2018.



July 2018

Wintersun – Brisbane

1st Place          Mikayla Nelson –Basic Novice B Ladies

3rd Place           Romy Grogan – Junior Ladies

MJS Trophy 2018

2nd Place          Kitty Masters – Advanced Novice Ladies

1st Place           Kristy Dong – Adult Silver Ladies

2nd Place          Courtenay Gray – Adult Silver Ladies


June 2018

Hollins Trophy – Canterbury

12th Place        Emily Lilley-Bull – Preliminary

33rd Place        Krystal Chan – Preliminary

1st Place           Matthew Chan – Preliminary

3rd Place           Maya Milanovic – Elementary

8th Place           Lilja Lehtonen – Elementary

18th Place        Tara Winton – Elementary

4th Place           Mikayla Nelson – Basic Novice A

5th Place           Trisha Tong- Basic Novice A

10th Place        Daniella Vassallo – Basic Novice A

26th Place        Kohdi Blanch – Basic Novice A

27th Place        Louella Chisholm – Basic Novice A

1st Place           Maya Milanovic/Dominik Mautner – Basic Novice Ice Dance

3rd Place           Rina Jiang – Basic Novice B

1sr Place          Vlada Vasiliev – Advanced Novice

9th Place           Emily Rotondo – Advanced Novice

11th Place        Serena Si – Advanced Novice

12th Place        Kitty Masters – Advanced Novice

2nd Place          Henry Yin – Advanced Novice

5th Place           Romy Grogan – Junior

6th Place           Sarah Batey – Junior


SFSC would like to thank our sponsors for the event!

Thank you to:

  • Woolworths
  • Sydney Fresh
  • The Italian Bowl
  • New Balance
  • Bunnings
  • Tenpin City
  • Timezone

May 2018


ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition 2018 – Oberstdorf, Germany

2nd Place          Simon Pearce – Bronze Men IV Freeskate

3rd Place           Heide Fearnside – Silver Ladies II Freeskate

13th Place         Aylin Dulagil – Silver Ladies III Freeskate


Oceania International Novice Figure Skating Competition – Melbourne

7th Place           Emily Rotondo – Advanced Novice


SFSC Trophy Night – Canterbury

9th Place           Emily Lilley-Bull – Preliminary

18th Place         Krystal Chan – Preliminary

2nd Place          Matthew Chan – Preliminary

2nd Place           Maya Milanovic – Elementary

1st Place           Mikayla Nelson – Basic Novice A

3rd Place           Trisha Tong – Basic Novice A

6th Place           Daniella Vassallo – Basic Novice A

1st Place           Vlada Vasiliev – Advanced Novice

3rd Place           Rhiannon Vera – Advanced Novice

7th Place           Serena Si – Advanced Novice

1st Place           Sarah Batey – Junior