July 2018

Wintersun – Brisbane

1st Place          Mikayla Nelson –Basic Novice B Ladies

3rd Place           Romy Grogan – Junior Ladies

MJS Trophy 2018

2nd Place          Kitty Masters – Advanced Novice Ladies

1st Place           Kristy Dong – Adult Silver Ladies

2nd Place          Courtenay Gray – Adult Silver Ladies


June 2018

Hollins Trophy – Canterbury

12th Place        Emily Lilley-Bull – Preliminary

33rd Place        Krystal Chan – Preliminary

1st Place           Matthew Chan – Preliminary

3rd Place           Maya Milanovic – Elementary

8th Place           Lilja Lehtonen – Elementary

18th Place        Tara Winton – Elementary

4th Place           Mikayla Nelson – Basic Novice A

5th Place           Trisha Tong- Basic Novice A

10th Place        Daniella Vassallo – Basic Novice A

26th Place        Kohdi Blanch – Basic Novice A

27th Place        Louella Chisholm – Basic Novice A

1st Place           Maya Milanovic/Dominik Mautner – Basic Novice Ice Dance

3rd Place           Rina Jiang – Basic Novice B

1sr Place          Vlada Vasiliev – Advanced Novice

9th Place           Emily Rotondo – Advanced Novice

11th Place        Serena Si – Advanced Novice

12th Place        Kitty Masters – Advanced Novice

2nd Place          Henry Yin – Advanced Novice

5th Place           Romy Grogan – Junior

6th Place           Sarah Batey – Junior


SFSC would like to thank our sponsors for the event!

Thank you to:

  • Woolworths
  • Sydney Fresh
  • The Italian Bowl
  • New Balance
  • Bunnings
  • Tenpin City
  • Timezone

May 2018


ISU Adult Figure Skating Competition 2018 – Oberstdorf, Germany

2nd Place          Simon Pearce – Bronze Men IV Freeskate

3rd Place           Heide Fearnside – Silver Ladies II Freeskate

13th Place         Aylin Dulagil – Silver Ladies III Freeskate


Oceania International Novice Figure Skating Competition – Melbourne

7th Place           Emily Rotondo – Advanced Novice


SFSC Trophy Night – Canterbury

9th Place           Emily Lilley-Bull – Preliminary

18th Place         Krystal Chan – Preliminary

2nd Place          Matthew Chan – Preliminary

2nd Place           Maya Milanovic – Elementary

1st Place           Mikayla Nelson – Basic Novice A

3rd Place           Trisha Tong – Basic Novice A

6th Place           Daniella Vassallo – Basic Novice A

1st Place           Vlada Vasiliev – Advanced Novice

3rd Place           Rhiannon Vera – Advanced Novice

7th Place           Serena Si – Advanced Novice

1st Place           Sarah Batey – Junior

We are live for Hollins!!

Follow the live stream of the 2018 Hollins Trophy, Co-Operative Cup, Carr’s Cup and Dance Cup via the NSWISA Live Results here