Congratulations to SFSC skaters

We would like to congratulate all the SFSC members who passed their tests on 22nd March 2015 and wish them all the best for the skating year ahead.

Bianca Setionago                Preliminary

Mikayla Nelson                   Pre-Primary Patterns and Technical

Maya Grosser                      Preliminary

Lara Grosser                        Preliminary

Sophia Koulis                      Preliminary

Agapi Miyakis                     Preliminary

Vanessa Bechara                Primary Patterns and Technical

Chelpin Chen                      Elementary

Caitlyn Argy                        Preliminary

Sasha Talman                     Preliminary

Maija Pearce                        Preliminary

Serena Si                              Elementary Patterns and Technical

Luca Pearce                         Pre-Primary Patterns

Stephanie Matthews          Preliminary

Tamara Abagi                     Preliminary

Greta Lewis                         Preliminary

Hamish Lewis                    Elementary Patterns

Lauren Johnston               Preliminary

Viveka Liber                       Preliminary


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