NSW State Championships 2016 – Congratulations!!

Congratulations to all the participating skaters – well done!!

SFSC Results:

Preliminary Ladies

            Trisha Tong (4th place)

            Maya Milanovic (6th)

Elementary Ladies

            Louella Chisholm (3rd)

            Tamara Abagi (5th)

            Astrid Pye (8th)

Basic Novice A Ladies

            Vlada Vasiliev (1st)

            Jenny Yu (6th)

Basic Novice B Ladies

            Rina Jiang (5th)

            Mikayla Nelson (7th)

            Bridie Roh (10th)

Basic Novice B Men

            Henry Yin (1st)

Intermediate Ladies

            Hayley Rotondo (3rd) NSW 2nd place*

Advanced Novice Ladies

            Emily Rotondo (4th) NSW 3rd place*

            Jasmine Pye (9th) NSW 8th place*

Advanced Novice Men

            Hektor Giotopoulos-Moore (1st)

            Alex Sun (4th) NSW 3rd place*

Junior Ladies

            Keirah Berry (1st)

            Jordan Lazarus (2nd)

            Karen Ka (6th)

            Romy Grogan (7th)

Senior Ladies

            Sarah Cullen (1st)

Adult Silver Ladies

            Courtenay Gray (1st)

            Heidi Fearnside (2nd)

            Tiffany Rutter (3rd)

            Talitha Licauco (4th)

Adult Silver Men

            Richard Lynch (1st)

Senior Dance

            Kimberley Hew-Low and Timothy McKernan (3rd)

Adult Dance

            Aylin Dulagil and Nicholas Frazer (1st)

Basic Novice Synchronized Skating

            Majestic Ice Australia (1st)

            Fire on Ice (3rd)

Mixed Age Synchronized Skating

            Fire on Ice (1st)

            Majestic ice Australia (2nd)

Junior Synchronized Skating

            Majestic Ice Australia (1st)

            Fire on Ice (2nd)

* The results above are the placings as per the IJS system and the NSWISA web site. However, medals at NSW Championships are also awarded to the highest placed skaters from NSW. In some divisions there were skaters competing from other states, and their results are not considered for NSW skater placings. As a result, the placings in brackets are the IJS results, and the emboldened results (ie NSW xth place) are the placings when the results from non NSW skaters are not taken into account.

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