SFSC is excited to offer SFSC financial members the opportunity to learn how to jump from Sheila Thelen, PSA Master Rated coach with more than 25 years of coaching experience and creator of the World renowned Champion Off-Ice Harness and Spinner!! https://icoachskating.com/coaches/sheila-thelen/


Lessons will be offered during COIR private figure skating session times Wed 24th to Friday 25th. 

Bookings 1stround: Open Saturday 20 August 2022 at 5.00PM. Only 1 session/skater can be booked in order to maximise the opportunities for all members to book. Multiple bookings may be removed. 

Bookings 2ndround: Open Sunday 21 August 2022 at 5.00PM. Another 1 session/ skater can be booked, if space permits. 

Please use the following booking link at 5.00PM: https://signup.com/go/YHDXrGV

Cost: $45/20 min session, to be handed by the skater to Sheila at the lesson time.  

If you haven’t visited our FB page yet, the following video will give you an idea what a lesson with Sheila will look like https://www.facebook.com/100016363599325/videos/47343490964512/

 After Sheila returns to the USA, SFSC financial members will be able to continue to learn with this system from those COIR coaches who have undertaken the APSA off-ice harness and coaching course and been accredited as such.  SFSC will send further details at the end of next week.