Changes to Figure Sessions for Guest Skaters 19th Nov-7th Dec 2018

In the lead up to AFSC, guest skaters will be required to pre-register for nominated figure sessions from 19th Nov to 7th Dec inclusive.

A ‘guest skater’ is a non-SFSC member or a non-regular COIR figure skater, and does not have regular lessons with a COIR coach at Canterbury Olympic Ice Rink (COIR).

General figure sessions allowing guest skaters are listed below. If the session is NOT listed, this means it is restricted to SFSC members and regular COIR skaters that have private lessons with a COIR coach at COIR.

General rules for guest coaches apply, and if you are a visiting coach, you must pre-register with rink management here

Code of conduct and music playing rules apply.

To register as a ‘guest skater’ for figure sessions at Canterbury, please use the following link:  Guest Skater Registration

To view the figure sessions click here: Figure Sessions Nov-Dec 2018

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